Why Should You Go For Hardtop Convertible Cars?

The notion of having a hardtop convertible or a 4 door convertible is useful to you for years, because you can use it in both ways but when the top is up it is just like a normal car. You can put your cars top on when feeling cold or there is too much noise outside. A big disadvantage of having a soft top is that a thief can easily steal things from the when you are out. Hardtop convertibles are in that sense more protected like “normal” cars.

Advantages of Hardtop Convertibles

The solution of this problem is using hardtop convertible cars by using these you can easily convert your car in minutes. These designs, first introduced to Americans by Mercedes-Benz when it launched the SLK roadster in the late 1990s, resolve issues of quiet, comfort, and security. However, as with everything else in life, power convertibles come with some drawbacks. A major is this they automatically add weight to your car which also effects the car performance. They also affect the driving performance. A lot of car space is taken by them. They also add complex machinery, and we’ve heard of numerous mechanical failures with expensive fixes. And few convertibles possess the structural rigidity of a true e.g. four door coupe, whether equipped with a hardtop or not, which is integral to maximizing handling.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T Avatar - Summer Sky
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Hardtop Convertible Prices

Cars under $ 35000

Mazda is in one of the most popular in hardtop convertible cars also offering 4 door convertible. It offers a power retractable hardtop which is popular for its speed; it opens and closes in 12 seconds. This makes the Miata the cheapest hardtop convertible car available and you can’t imagine that how fast you can go in and out in sun. It is also very light weight and add weights only of 70 pounds. Which not only improves the performance of the car but also provide more trunk space which is a plus point in hardtops. This also makes it a very impressive average.  The Mazda Miata is a 4 door convertible car which is popular among those people who likes hardtops.

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Volkswagen Eos, from $32390

If you are looking for a 4 door convertible which is also a hardtop convertible car than Volkswagen Eos is the car you are looking for. It has a solid fitting, impressive style and pleasing material covering every space. It is an appealing vehicle with an impressive price.  Those who want fewer rays will be tickled by the Eos because it has a sunroof feature, allowing for a breeze rather than a gale when the forward-most roof panel is open.  The Eos is powered by a 200-horsepower, 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that gets 21 mpg city/31 mpg highway with the manual. It is very good vehicle and gives an impressive average. The people who likes to drive fast and are conscious about the car performance this car is the perfect one to fulfill their needs. Hardtop convertible cars are also very safe and protective against theft. You will be relaxed after using your converible.

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